Carlson Software & Technology

Carlson Software & Technology

Quick Supply Company is a proud distributor of Carlson Software. Carlson is a one-source software and technology solutions provider specializing in CAD design software, field data collection, laser measurement, GNSS, and machine control products.

Carlson Software Distributor


Land Development & Mining Software
Get the job done with Carlson — easy-to-utilize software combined with your expertise equals quality projects. Carlson has partnered with customers to provide software excellence for over 30 years. Their current software includes offerings for CAD, photogrammetry, and the 3D platform Precision 3D.

Carlson's Line of Software Products


Land Development & Mining Instruments
Carlson instruments include world-class scanners and sensors for high-performance mapping, surveying, positioning and measuring, specifically developed for the extreme environments of mines, quarries, and construction sites. Additionally, Carlson Software’s GNSS solutions are one of the highest regarded within the industry.

Carlson BRx7 - GNSS Base/Rover Receiver 

Carlson Scan2K - Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Carlson FiX1 - Carlson Fixed Installation Scanner

Carlson Boretrak®2 - Measure Boreholes at Any Inclination

Carlson Quarryman Pro - Laser Scanning for Quarry Surveying & Stockpile Monitoring


Land Development & Mining Machine Control
With expertise in surface modeling, RTK-GPS and ruggedized equipment, Carlson Software first pioneered machine control in 1996. Today, they serve the mining, landfill, dredging, earthmoving and 3D drilling markets with state-of-the-art 3D machine guidance, positioning, monitoring, reporting and production analysis solutions.

Carlson Grade for Dozers - GPS Guidance for Production Dozing

Carlson Grade for Drills - GPS Guidance for Platform & Crawler Drills

Carlson Grade for Excavators & Shovels - GPS Guidance for Digging & Excavation

Carlson Command - Site Management & Monitoring Software