March Newsletter

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FODS WebinarFODS Trackout Control vs. Traditional Trackout Control Webinar | March 31st, 10:00am CST: Learn more about FODS and how they can help with sediment control and prevent you from having to clean the roads surrounding jobsites as much. FODS Trackout Control Mat System offers a unique design to effectively remove mud and other debris from vehicle tires. FODS will not damage the ground’s surface. These durable mats are environmentally friendly and are reusable and recyclable. The weight and ease of set-up are huge advantages of FODS versus traditional trackout control. To save time and money on labor costs, FODS can be set up in less than 30 minutes and require little to no maintenance. Register Here

InstaTurf WebinarInstaTurf Webinar | April 7th, 12:30pm CST: Learn about InstaTurf in this presentation by Tim Lancaster from GrassWorx. InstaTurf is a vegetated alternative to rock rip rap and shows great results at a fraction of the cost. Vegetated channels support stormwater filtering, infiltration and shear stress reduction. InstaTurf has many applications and is an optimal solution for high-flow channels, spillways, shorelines and other critical areas that are traditionally difficult to vegetate. InstaTurf provides an answer for those looking for high-performance erosion control and an aesthetically pleasing finished grass look upon installation. Register Here

AquaBlok Supplied For Pipe Trench ProjectProject Highlight - AquaBlok Supplied for Pipe Trench Project: This jobsite required a solution to manage groundwater and stop underground erosion. When groundwater invades a pipe trench, it will flow down the slope and follow the bottom of the pipe, creating an underground river. This flow erodes the backfill and creates voids. AquaBlok was installed here to .... Keep Reading

Flex MSE Vegetated Retaining WallProduct Profile - Flex MSE Vegetated Wall System: Flex MSE is a cost-effective, sustainable and permanent solution. Flex MSE offers quick installation and does not require specialized equipment or labor, bringing costs down. These units are recycled, non-toxic products that meet LEED requirements. They are flexible enough to conform to any landscape or surrounding trees and support and feed the vegetation. Benefits include permanent retention and erosion control...Keep Reading

Bill Murphy, P. E.Engineer's Note from Bill Murphy: Truth is, salt and other deicers are necessary to make our streets and sidewalks safer for public use. Unfortunately, the same characteristics that make salt effective against snow and ice also make it detrimental to pavement, pavers and PaveDrain permeable paving system. But we have good news – ProSpec Salt Barrier can help protect your PaveDrain.....Keep Reading