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Flex MSE Vegetated Wall ProjectProject Highlight - Flex MSE Vegetated Wall Installation at Henry Doorly Zoo: Flex MSE, a sustainable, green vegetated wall solution, was supplied for Zoo exhibits. The Flex MSE bags are first filled with a soil mix in preparation for installation. Once filled, the bags are quick and easy to install. The Flex MSE was then covered in Flexterra to promote faster vegetation growth. After installation is complete, the Flex MSE bags provide a base for plants to grow and flourish, and the wall...Keep Reading 

Construction Site Entrance SolutionsProduct Profile - Construction Site Entrance Solutions: As the construction industry is reaching its peak busy season, ASP is here to support you and ensure your projects are successful. We supply a variety of trackout control and construction site entrance solutions to fit any project need and keep your projects running smoothly. Keep Reading to learn more about our solutions that include FODS Trackout Control Mats, Mud Mats & Presto Geosystem's GEOWEB and how these products can be used.

Hardscapes Backyard Patio and Fire Pit ProjectHardscapes & Outdoor Living Products: Our St. Louis, Kansas City and Des Moines offices are full-line distributors of hardscapes and outdoor living products from top manufacturers. From retaining walls to stone paths to custom firepits, hardscapes and outdoor living collections can be used in countless ways. Hardscapes add serious curb appeal and value to any outdoor space. Whatever the scale of the project, we’re here to help select the right products to personalize your design. Check out the pictures from some of our recent projects...Keep Reading

Don Thieman, VP of Sales & OperationsMarket Pricing Update - Note from Don Thieman, VP of Sales & Operations: I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of pricing in our market. Fabrics including woven, non-woven fabrics, geogrids, etc. seem to be stabilizing and there is nothing today to suggest increases are coming. Pipe is still very volatile, as are HDPE liners, and really anything with HDPE in it. I heard today that lumber has stabilized, but anything steel-staples, rebar, wire facing walls is still very volatile. Now we are seeing increases in our concrete products-retaining wall block and pavers, so that may be a challenge throughout the summer...Keep Reading