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Muscle Wall Velocity ChecksProject Highlight - Muscle Wall Installations for Erosion Control & Stormwater Management: Muscle Wall was recently installed as a solution on two different projects. Project #1) To proactively strengthen an overall SWPP plan, Bowman worked with Muscle Wall and the contractor to install a series of velocity checks with 2’ Muscle Wall. After just one day, we were already pushing clean water in and out of this detention pond...Keep Reading

Muscle Wall Diversion WeirProject #2: During the wet season, the contractor was experiencing significant flows and erosion discharge across the wetland area. They were limited to deploying a system above ground (can’t break ground in a wetland area) and outside wetland boundaries. With the exceptional rain events this year in CO, the contractor asked for a robust BMP solution that could be deployed and left in place to control large runoff events for the next year-plus of development work. They installed...Keep Reading

Muscle Wall Product Profile - Muscle Wall: Muscle Wall is an innovative solution with endless applications. It’s a portable, strong plastic barrier available in 8 different sizes. Primarily used to contain or divert water, Muscle Wall has various unique applications and can provide solutions for flood control, stormwater management, containment, streambank diversion, erosion control, etc. Plus, Muscle Wall was recently awarded FM Approval by USACE...Keep Reading

ASP Hosts In-House PresentationsNow Scheduling In-House Presentations: One of the cornerstones to the success of Quick Supply is the technical expertise and knowledge transfer that we offer to the design community including engineers, architects and landscape architects. Our Technical Sales Representatives are available to come to your office or meet with you virtually to present on a wide range of site solutions...Keep Reading to read about some of our presentation topics!

Bill Murphy, P.E.Engineer's Note - Note from Bill Murphy, P.E.: I discovered the fireworks industry was hit by the same supply and shipping challenges that so many other industries faced this year. Some retailers had empty shelves and high prices, while others were busting at the seams and making record sales. Based upon my limited research, it was the good planners and communicators who came out ahead. Brag alert: Our company is blessed to have such people...Keep Reading

Cascade Geosynthetics 1 Year AnniversaryCascade Geosynthetics Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary: Read about our Anniversary Giveaway here!