Quick and Flexamat

Quick Supply Co. Aids in Restoring Easter Lake

About the Project:

Location: Easter Lake, IA

Salesperson: Steve Krehbiel

Owner: Polk County Conservation District

Engineer: Snyder & Associates

Contractor: RW Excavating

Date: December 2018

The Challenge

Easter Lake, a former coal mine, was drained and dredged four years ago due to excessive erosion, unregulated urban runoff and invasive species. Polk County Conservation sought to restore the lake and remove it from the state's impaired water list. The final phase of the multi-million dollar project was to reshore and stabilize Easter Lake's shoreline.

The Solution

In order to stabilize Easter Lake's shoreline, Polk County Conservation needed a hard armor solution that would also facilitate grass growth. With a shear force limiting value of 24+ PSF, Flexamat FR offered a high-performance erosion solution along with a biaxial grid with a flame-resistant coating. With 1.5" in between each concrete block, the mat is flexible enough to conform to the landscape and allow vegetation growth to make the site aesthetically pleasing. To complete the project, Quick Supply Co. offered 2.1 miles of 10' wide Flexamat to stabilize the entire shoreline of the lake and facilitate vegetation throughout.

The Results

As a result of choosing Flexamat over rip-rap, Easter Lake will have a significantly more user-friendly shoreline. Flexamat demonstrates a high value of protection against wave and wind erosion and offers easy maintenance. Flexamat may be mowed over and is safe for both pedestrians and wildlife. As grass continues to grow through the grid, the concrete blocks will remain stable. As of Spring 2019, the lake is at normal pool level, allowing the Flexamat to protect the shoreline both above and below the water level.