Belgard Bristol Fireplaces

The Belgard Bristol Series features a modular design using Arbel and Urbana pavers along with Weston Stone retaining wall accents. The coordinating grill island, pizza oven and other kitchen components come together to create a rustic outdoor kitchen that is sure to complement any backyard.


  • Fireplace: 3’D x 5’W x 9’3”H
  • Hearth: 2’D x 5’W x 11”H
  • Wood Boxes: 2’4”D x 3’W x 3’3”H per box
  • Grill Island: 3’D x 6’4”W x 4’4”H
  • Brick Oven: 4’D x 4’W x 8’5”H

Specs & Info

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