Fabco StormSack

The StormSack line of catch basin insert filters is Fabco’s most popular type of stormwater filter. While there are two distinct product lines, StormSack Plus and StormSack BMP, offering different features and benefits, they both use a woven Geotextile filter bag to treat the water.

This Geotextile bag provides high treatment flow rates while capturing fine sediments and other solids contained in stormwater runoff. By adding a simple oil absorbent boom to either model you can expand the functionality of this high flow filter to include oil compounds making it well suited to parking lots, vehicle maintenance yards and trash transfer sites.

StormSack is excellent as a prefilter providing an initial filtering step right at the storm drain inlet and before the water is sent to other Stormwater BMP designs such as detention ponds, infiltration areas or other proprietary filter devices. Ideally suited for municipal storm drain retrofits, the StormSacks’ strong, versatile design and advanced features provide for easy installation, simple maintenance procedures and a long service life.

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