Strataflow is a revolutionary 'hybrid' treepit system that protects bodies of water from pollution runoff, prevents urban flooding and develops healthier trees creating greener spaces in cities.

As an advanced structural soil cell system installed easily under sidewalks and parking lots, Citygreen's Strataflow enables stormwater to be stored, filtered and distributed effectively for the benefit of urban trees, as well as for proper stormwater management.

Strataflow combines strong structural modules with stormwater management. Designed to use 100% recycled plastics along with engineered growth and filtration media, it’s the ideal sustainable tree growth system that can help you transform grey spaces into green. This solution creates expanded soil areas for healthy tree root growth and captures stormwater runoff from surrounding surfaces. Strataflow makes it easy to sustain the healthy growth of city trees all while ensuring the effective management of flows (flood management) and filtration (pollutant removal).

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