Tahoe Paver

Tahoe is a three-piece, one-pallet system suitable for pedestrian and vehicular applications. Tahoe pavers are very popular for their budget-sensitive price point and extremely efficient (no-pattern) installation — you can lay them as fast as you can grab them. Tahoe features an embossed textured surface in three, earthy color choices. For this paver in a smooth surface, try Interlock's Reno paver.


  • Embossed/textured surface
  • Three sizes on one pallet: 5 x 10″, 10 x 10″ and 15 x 10″
  • Micro-chamfered, straight edge
  • Auto spacers, 3/16″ joint
  • 94 sq.ft. (2,525 lbs.) pallets

Specs & Info

Quick Supply serves Iowa with our office in Des Moines, IA. 

Product Applications